Silence No.1 - Foliage Suspended in Crystalized Time


Silence No.1, a painting from the Chiffon Series, is inspired by several experiences I had on cold, quiet days where ice crystals formed on plants and trees from freezing fog. Have you seen this natural phenomenon before? The air seemed to become completely still and silent. Foliage suspended in crystallized time like emotions frozen forever. Mysteriously beautiful and yet another way nature shows us its quiet strength.

Modern neutral monochrome abstract organic artwork by artist Sara Richardson

Silence No.1 is created with oil and acrylic on heavy-weight stretched canvas 48w x 48h x 1.5d (in) / 122w x 122h x 3.8d (cm). The painting has very subtle, delicate color shifts and dramatic textures…created by being worked over and over to develop countless layers that I am pleased to see push forward and pull back. I love that you can see through these frothy like woven plants that float in a time-fractured space of light and depth. If you are you interested purchasing or commissioning a work from the studio please send a message and we will be happy to help you.

Sara Richardson Artist Paintings Drawings and Contemporary Art Decor

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