Jelly Bean Ice Cream Newly Added to the Parks & Picnics Series

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The rather large Blooms & Wild Flowers Series recently manifested into a spin off series in my studio last month. I really thought it was just going to be two one-off drawings at first.

However, the 'two' have multiplied into a full blown quirky kinda funny group of works based off of wacky things I have either seen, done or want to happen in different parks I spend time in past present and future tense.

Mixing Mediums Leads to Unexpected Happy Results

The mixed media drawing Jelly Bean Ice Cream began with a loopy layer of black ink to get an initial composition going. The final drawing has very little of the original ink showing through as I wound up clobbering the piece with round after round of pea soup green and later mint, grass and bean greens. One of the things that pulls all these pieces together into a collection is their energy, layered movement and sprinkling of little bit child-like shapes. Each piece is based off of something tangible or potentially tangible.

I am hoping to make 50 of these drawings because yes, I have that many experiences with parks but who knows. Jelly Bean Ice Cream is about my kid and this humongous greenish bluish blobby Bat Man treat on teeny tiny stick. To this day we don’t know what flavor Bat Man on a stick was but I’m guessing it was blue green jelly bean.

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