Contemporary Drawing "Wild Flowers No.10" Brings Warm Colors to Crisp Fall Days

The growing Blooms & Wild Flowers contemporary drawing series originally began as a group of sketches for a side project I have been quietly working on in the background. Once I realized the work had potential and was more than just a set of sketches, I decided to keep pushing key elements in different directions.

Gestural Abstracted Movement

One of the unusual aspects about the series is that I have not restricted the medium usage for the works. Meaning, the technical solutions I use have evolved since the series began. I decided the gestural, abstracted movement and line would be what connects the series together, not necessarily mediums.

"Wild Flowers No.10" is created with conte’, pastel, and acrylic on lightly textured 350gsm pH-neutral paper and would look lovely in a simple contemporary frame.  The Blooms & Wild Flower series has works in a variety of sizes, color palettes and mediums. If you would like more information about the series, please contact the studio.

Sara Richardson Artist Paintings Drawings and Contemporary Art Decor

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