Blue Chiffon Seven in Upcoming Juried Exhibition



It’s been a little while since I have shown work in a traditional juried exhibition setting mainly because my family and I moved across the country. However, I’ll admit there was a bit of me that was also annoyed and burned out with the exhibiting process, however I realized something important during my mini hiatus. Sara! (this is me talking to myself) look for the exhibitions, curators and jurors that mean something personal to you...stop trying to get into shows that don't really matter to you. You’d think that would be obvious to a professional artist.

If you are a fan of my work — especially my more aggressive pieces — you can see why I may not exactly fit into certain types of exhibitions. Now, if I started painting bull in a barn or bulls in barns or bull barns I may have a shot, right? Clearly I have been in the studio too long today. The upcoming exhibition is a state-wide juried show hosted by the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center.  Are you interested in seeing “Blue Chiffon Seven” at the show? Get in touch with the studio and we’ll send you the details or just follow the studio on Facebook where I post events routinely.

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